Our Price Promise

"We promise to never offer any customer a lower price than those available to everyone in your region and listed below. 

We think this is fair to all and helps us keep prices low. 

Our pricing is simple, fair and easy to understand."

Customer Feedback

I signed up with Comtricity recently, an easy task as they did the switch for me. 

I am paying much less now than my previous electricity provider and a small part of my bill goes to good causes, which makes me feel good. 

It is a no-nonsense single price which is easy to understand with no separate daily fees or variable charges. You just pay for what you use. 

I encourage everyone to join Comtricity, who are giving money back to the community and saving me money at the same time. A no brainer.


Signing up with Comtricity was a quick and easy online process. I needed a short term provider so Comtricity was ideal as there’s no minimum term and you’re only paying for what you use.


Regular weekly bills help me self monitor my usage and I’m paying less now for my power.

Not only am I gaining benefits from Comtricity, but with a giveback initiative, the local community also benefits. Win win!


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