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Our Story 

We are a little different from other power companies as we have a very simple philosophy and approach to selling power.

Instead of driving profits to the big players in the power industry, we share our profits with charities and schools in our community.

We also believe in great value for the long term. This means no fancy marketing gimmicks, penalties for leaving early, and you won’t need to shop around when your current retailers' deal ends, wasting your time and energy. We don’t do these things and our pricing is fair for everyone all the time.

On average our donations are more than $50, and every customer increases the funding available for distribution to charities and schools in our community. Our customers choose where this money goes.

It is simple low-priced power that helps all New Zealanders.

You can make a difference by moving your electricity account to Comtricity and nominating one of our charities or schools to receive financial support from us today.

We’ve also made switching super simple and it only takes a few minutes.

 It really is better for you and our community.

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Customer Feedback

I signed up with Comtricity recently, an easy task as they did the switch for me. 

I am paying much less now than my previous electricity provider and a small part of my bill goes to good causes, which makes me feel good. 

I encourage everyone to join Comtricity, who are giving money back to the community and saving me money at the same time. A no brainer.


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