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Utilities such as electricity, water, phone and now internet are part of our everyday life, yet for many individuals and organisations they have become expensive luxuries – right here in NZ.

Prices have continued to increase and the inequality gap has grown. Many middle-income New Zealanders are struggling to make ends meet as living costs have increased at a rate income hasn’t kept up with. 

This has created greater demand on community organisations, resulting in their resources being spread thinner and thinner. On top of this their running costs have increased, adding more pressure. 

Through our innovative model we are able help households give back to their communities through simply joining Comtricity and selecting which local charity, school or community organisation working with us they would like to give a hand up. 

Through reducing these costs charities, schools and other community organisations can focus on delivering their products and services into the community and create positive change, rather than getting bogged down with the costs of running the business. 

You can make a difference by moving your electricity account to Comtricity and nominating one of our charities, schools or community groups to receive financial support from us.

Customer Feedback

I signed up with Comtricity recently, an easy task as they did the switch for me. 

I am paying much less now than my previous electricity provider and a small part of my bill goes to good causes, which makes me feel good. 

It is a no-nonsense single price which is easy to understand with no separate daily fees or variable charges. You just pay for what you use. 

I encourage everyone to join Comtricity, who are giving money back to the community and saving me money at the same time. A no brainer.


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