Simple, cheap electricity to support your community 

No fixed term contracts and you pay weekly
- move your electricity account in support of your community today!

  • Simple electricity pricing

  • Understandable bills

  • Easy weekly payment

  • Easy online access

  • Smart technology

  • Super simple

  • No minimum term

  • No break fees

  • Free from gimmicks and costly inducements

  • Good for community

  • Good for business

Here for our community
- together
we can eliminate electricity costs for our community. 

Reduce the cost of electricity for your charity

Free up cash for your school to put to better use

Build community spirit around your group

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Get on board and make a change in your community

Comtricity is a locally owned power company focused on using innovation to drive benefits for local communities. For every kilowatt of electricity our customers use we donate 1c to local charities, schools and other community organisations – selected by you.

Our first goal is to give $10,000 back to local organisations, which is around 150 customers over a year. 


Customer Feedback

I signed up with Comtricity recently, an easy task as they did the switch for me. 

I am paying much less now than my previous electricity provider and a small part of my bill goes to good causes, which makes me feel good. 

It is a no-nonsense single price which is easy to understand with no separate daily fees or variable charges. You just pay for what you use. 

I encourage everyone to join Comtricity, who are giving money back to the community and saving me money at the same time. A no brainer.